Our company supports the compiling of conforming tender quotation document packages and in communicating with the procuring entity. We evaluate risks pertaining to the procurement process and the subsequent procurement contract. We also advise in disputing procurement decisions and awards.

Public procurement is a highly formalized process and, in many cases, quotations are rejected due to details that the bidding company failed to account for by mistake. A bidding company may also fail to reply to questions by the procuring entity in the right time or with the correct answer, which may lead to disqualification or to a lower score during evaluation. As a competent advisor, we can ensure that your quotation is in conformity with the requirements of the procurement and that you reply to queries in the right time, and correctly.

In some cases, the procuring entity might have foreseen procurement conditions that hinder some companies to enter the competition or submit a conforming tender quotation. Also, additional evaluation criteria may be set in addition to the price, that make it difficult to compile a quotation which would have a high chance of being successful. In such cases, a well-grounded and timely proposal to the procuring entity may result in the changing of the conditions of the procurement. We can help you request changes in procurement conditions that will enable your company to issue a successful tender quotation.

A procuring entity may also foresee unlawful procurement conditions by error and in most cases, bidding companies cannot evaluate their lawfulness in due time. We can help you evaluate the lawfulness of procurement conditions and challenge limiting or unlawful conditions.

Procuring entities may also make illegal or void procurement decisions. We can help in challenging such decisions.

HELETEE also compiles public procurement documentation for procuring entities.